Saturday, December 25, 2010

Amateur girls in spandex leggings

Amateur girls having fun and tight spandex leggings
More girls in their leggings
Do girls know how hot they look in spandex or are they just doing it because they like the way it fits and feels?
These two look like they are on their way to an 'Eighties party, and that was the decade for spandex and lycra.
Girls in pink and black leggings

Another group of girls in spandex leggings looking very 'Eighties.

Girls in shiny spandex leggings
These two have their panties on wrong but who is complaining? Perhaps the look will catch on.
Shiny pink spandex and thong panties, a perfect combination
She's clearly enjoying her leggings
Black spandex leggings look good on most girls
Modeling her blue spandex leggings
The leggings fit just fine
Showing off her spandex bicycle shorts
Just hold that pose, red spandex is your color

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