Monday, November 1, 2010

Cotton workout wear

Exercise clothe from cotton as well as spandex and lycra
Workout wear is not just from spandex; cotton is often used along too as a perfect compliment to shiny fabrics.
Cotton workout clothes with spandex leggings
Cotton two-piece halter top with animal print leggings
Leopard pattern leggings

Similar top with spandex shorts
Cotton string top with animal print bicycle shorts
The jungle look
Cotton fashion with a splash of color
String halter top with matching cotton leggings with string side detail and pink hi-leg workout panties
Pink and black
Spandex leggings with cotton
Black leggings with side strip, one-piece gray and black unitard
Girls in spandex
Cotton dance wear
Black cotton leotard with  black pantyhose; white cotton thong-leotard with white leggings
Cotton dancewear

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