Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spandex girls pictures

Girls in spandex workout wear
Girl poses on block:
Posing with feet crossed
 Turquoise shiny spandex leotard with white tight
Two girls ready for action:
Dressed for a yoga workout
Navy blue shiny unitard, light blue shiny leotard
An Eighties' workout look:
Looking fashionable for exercise
 Light blue shiny vest leotard with white leggings and white leg-warmers
Beautiful leotard:
She's serous about her workout
 Shiny turquoise vest leotard
 Posing in blue leotards:
Looking elegant and posed in leotards
Light blue long-sleeve leotard with white leggings and matching blue leg-warmers; sky-blue camisole leotard with white leggings

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