Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spandex workout women

Pictures of women in spandex workout  clothes
Four women ready to exercise:
Ladies are ready for a workout
 White top with black spandex leggings; white top with ribbed tights; pink leotard with grey/black leggings worn underneath; orange camisole over white top with black spandex leggings

Two girls practicing ballet moves:

Holding a ballet pose
 Red one-piece unitard; white one-piece unitard
Women practices stretches for working out:
Forward lunge
 Purple shiny spandex leotard worn over shiny green spandex leggings
Side leg stretch:
These clothes allow easy movement
 Purple leotard with leggings again
Women practices ballet against the banister:
Ballet pose and balance
Red short-sleeve leotard with matching red leggings worn around ankles

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