Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thong leotards

Thong leotards and hi-leg workout wear
Hi-leg cut and thong leotards are popular with the ladies, and everyone else too. The high cut lengthens the legs while the thongs make the most all everything that's left behind.

Shoulder workout from the rear
Blue tank-top high-leg leotard  with thong rear worn with short purple leggings 
Eye-catching workout
This girl's thong leotard makes her stand out from the crowd
Black bicycle shorts with cross-back thong leotard, white leotard with red thigh leggings, blue top with matching spandex leggings
Making the most of her figure
Closer look at her style. The leggings provide extra comfort for the workout.
Thong close up
Another example of this exciting style
Red leo with blue capris leggings; black leotard with gold spandex leggings
Charming in black and white
Black leo with white thigh-length leggings
Two fashionable styles
Black leotards with string detail and spandex leggings; white leggings with string side-detail

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