Monday, November 8, 2010

Women in workout wear

A selection of photos of women in spandex and cotton workout wear
Leotards come in a variety of different styles such as these two examples
Camisole top cotton leotard with spandex bicycle shorts; vest top leotard with full-length leggings 
Short and long styles
Two more styles of leotards
Vest leotard with bicycle shorts; short-sleeved leotard with bicycle shorts
Mix and match
 Open-backed or closed, anything is possible
cross-patter black leotard; red singlet-leotard with white short spandex leggings
Posing outside in workout wear
Cotton can be worn with spandex for a cool effect
Cotton leotard with short black leggings worn underneath; white cotton shirt under a black lycra leotard with white short leggings
Black and white cotton and spandex
Lycra worn for fashion
lace lycra bodysuits, long-sleeved and short-sleeved
Eye-catching fashion

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